Gary Partin


Pensacola, FL


Gallery Art USA is the private art studio of the "Sandpiper", Gary Partin. He and his wife, Deborah, live in Northwest Florida where he creates statements of their travels.

Gary's presentations are in a Traditional, Interpretive, or Abstract art form and his color format ranges from somber renditions to foster a mood, to an airy display of color and statement.
Techniques: Acrylics, Mixed Media, Water Color, Oils, Pastels, Airbrush, Pen & Ink, Etching, and Lithography.

Gary studied in the School of Architecture and Arts at Auburn. He received his first award in 1954 and has judged numerous shows - his first in the 1970s. His works have been accepted in over five hundred private, corporate, and government collections. His art has been on several calendars and covers of sport fishing magazines. He is a noted maritime painter.

Travels have taken him to the contiguous 48 states, Mexico, northwest Canada, northeast to the Canadian "Maritimes"- New Brunswick, Cape Briton. and Nova Scotia, to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands in the West Indies.

Gary's art is represented in the following galleries:
Quayside Art Gallery Historic District, Pensacola, Florida
Orange Beach Art Center, Canal Road, Orange Beach, Alabama
Performing Arts Association, Foley, Alabama


Resting Posts by Gary Partin


Pelican Pete by Gary Partin


Flamingo on Burl by Gary Partin


Four Flamingos by Gary Partin


Lobster Fest by Gary Partin


Look What I Found by Gary Partin


Evening Dunes by Gary Partin


Lobster Find by Gary Partin


Going Down by Gary Partin


The Light house Keeper by Gary Partin


Three Flamingos by Gary Partin


Oakleigh by Gary Partin


Old Boats on Shore by Gary Partin


Golden Forest by Gary Partin


Cheese Delight by Gary Partin


Morning Fog by Gary Partin


Lunch is Ready by Gary Partin


Miss Innocence by Gary Partin


Passing By by Gary Partin


Proud Rooster by Gary Partin


Rain Forest Waterfall by Gary Partin


Pecos Gully 1964 by Gary Partin


Oh Yeah by Gary Partin


Old Well Bucket by Gary Partin


Flowers on Tree 1964 by Gary Partin